Friday, April 6, 2012

Open for Business!

John and I went to the lake a couple of weekends ago to really get things up and running for the summer.  Or that was kind of our original plan.  After spending a week or so working on the bathroom at home, we decided that we were going to do nothing for the days we were at the lake during spring break.  Nothing is pretty much what we did.  And it was great!

We left on Saturday morning to go up, and so by the time we got there, it was early afternoon.  We did only what was necessary...unloaded the truck, turned on the water, flipped the breakers...and then we enjoyed the late afternoon quiet.  Better enjoy it now because there won't be many weekends when it is quiet.  Even though the water was still quite cool (I dipped a toe in), a few brave souls tubed.

On Sunday, we went to visit Billie, and then we took her back with us to spend the night.  Even though she wouldn't remember it now, she has a great time.  She fished and caught a nice size bass, and that tickled her to death.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of her and her fish so she could put it on her bulletin board at the nursing home.  Maybe we can take her back another time or two over the summer, and she can catch another one.

John did some fishing and had some good bites.  He caught a couple of bass and one really nice stripe.  He hung two (maybe the same one??) but he couldn't get them in.  It took about ten minutes of work to get the one he did catch.  He got three crappie too.  Those are in the freezer waiting to be fried up.  YUM-O!!

We left on that Thursday morning for home.  Talk about depressing! We had planned to go to Memphis with Susan and Tim, but the weather got pretty yuck with lots of rain, so we rescheduled that trip for June. 

As soon as I get home and we load up, we're heading up for the weekend.  This will be another do nothing weekend!  John deserves to rest after the hard work he put in on the bathroom.  :)  Maybe the fish will be biting again.

I'm gonna go get my stuff ready so I can be out the door as soon after the bell rings as possible because I am ready to be lake bound!

Remember...KEEP DREAMING!!!!

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