Monday, April 9, 2012

Gorgeous weekend!

Of course, any weekend at the lake is gorgeous as far as I'm concerned. :) We got there about 7 Friday night, so we didn't do much. At least it wasn't yet dark, so we got to enjoy some porch time. Saturday was so nice! I went out on the dock about 10:30 and ended up dozing off, so my face got a little red. OOPS! I try not to let my face burn anymore. My amazing grill master did steaks Saturday night, and as usual, they were fabulous. We cleaned off the table on the porch and dined al fresco. Heavenly! While we were eating, I saw the ducks swimming a couple of lots down. I can't wait to see them up close again. The only negative was the pollen. When I swept the kitchen floor, there was a very distinct yellow tint to the dirt I swept up. And the furniture had a nice yellow coating. Joy. I have only six more weeks of school before I can go to stay. All, six weeks and three days. We have professional development days on May 29-31. Yuck! We're taking our trip to Memphis the first weekend in June, but once we're back from that, I plan on being a Winston County resident as much as possible! Guess that's it for now. KEEP DREAMING!!

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