Saturday, August 29, 2009

No lake posts lately :(

It has been a busy few weeks in the Vest household. We haven't been to the lake in a almost a month, and for us, that is highly unusual, especially during the summer! We've stayed with John's mom a couple of those weekends, and this weekend was supposed to be John's yard sale. He decided against having it because he thought there was a chance of rain. It has been a really nice day, though. Now, if he had gone ahead with it, it probably would have poured buckets of rain. LOL

I've spent almost all morning cleaning. The den is the only thing I've gotten done, BUT I moved every piece of furniture (except the entertainment center and all the bajillion pounds of stuff on it.) It's bit a while since I did this, so it was needed. Desperately! I think the bedroom will be next.

Next weekend WILL be a lake weekend. It is sort of the official "last" weekend of summer for most lake visitors, but this is the time of year that we really enjoy because all of the boat/jet ski traffic drops significantly. We'll pull the TV out onto the porch (hopefully it won't be too hot and humid to do that) and watch the TIDE kick some Hokie hiney!

OK--gotta go finish up. Or at least finish what I can today.

Keep Dreaming!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Financing was a headache!

So, John and I decided we'd go for it. We (correction--I) started looking into financing. We decided to shop around to see where we could get the best deal. Easy peasy, huh? NOT! One company wouldn't finance it because the lot had a trailer on it. If we would remove the trailer, then they would see what they could do for us. of the reasons we decided to try to buy this lot was because it DID have a trailer on it, and we knew we didn't have intentions of trying to build right away. Another wouldn't finance it because the trailer is only 12 feet wide. They would finance a trailer only if it was a minimum of 14 feet wide. I called the local number for Wachovia, the bank we have used since they were SouthTrust, and I ended up talking to Jennifer in VIRGINIA. (Funny how I can remember her name.) I don't remember what the deal was with them. We had just about given up when we decided to try one more place--the locally owned and operated Farmers and Traders Bank in Addison, AL. Yep, the small-town bank was more than willing to work with us. Says something about all these large corporations who don't give a rip about the average Joe (or Josephine.)

There were a lot of phone calls and faxing back and forth, but we finally were able to receive the financing. We made the offer to the Wards, and by the end of September 2007, we were owners of lake property. :)

The "McMansion" as I like to call it. :)

It isn't much, but it is ours, and we love it. (Although I will love it a whole lot more when there is a nice little rustic cabin sitting there instead of an old red trailer. LOL) For the age of the trailer, it is in really good shape, but we've done quite a bit of work. We had rip rap put on the shoreline last year, and that made a huge difference from the water. If you've read my other blog, you know all of the stuff we've done--plumbing, electrical--just to keep it in good shape.

We spend every possible weekend there, and that is our vacation spot (even though I do try to sneak in a beach trip every so often.) I can't wait to live there and to be able to enjoy the beauty and serenity of God's world.

Keep dreaming!

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