Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation at the lake

One thing John and I decided when we decided to buy our lake place was that we wouldn't take "real" vacations, but we would vacation at the lake.  And that was fine by me!  Of course, I still do my beach trips any time I can, but when it comes to the time I spend on vacation with John, I would rather spend it here as anywhere.

So, how has vacay been so far?  GREAT!  Just a quick update.

Day One -- Sunday
We got up about 7 Sunday morning, did a few odd and ends around the house, and got on the road about 8:45.  We had to make a couple of stops because my back was KILLING me, and I HAD to get out and stretch it.  (Saturday night, I rolled over and tweaked my back AGAIN.  I barely slept for the spasms.  Finally about 2 AM, I got up, took Aleve--should've done that at 10 PM--got an ice pack and snuggled up with it until about 4:30.)  We got to the lake about 12:15, unloaded the truck, and had some ribs for lunch from a great little barbecue place in Good Hope.  I got an ice pack again, got comfy (or as comfy as I could) and napped until about 4:30.  We sat on the porch for a while, had the rest of the ribs for supper, and that was about it.  We didn't even go get the boat. 

Day Two -- Monday
I got up about 7, made coffee, and sat on the porch.  It wasn't too hot or humid yet, so it was a nice morning.  We left about 8:30 to go back to Good Hope to get a ladder for the swim dock.  THAT made me very happy because now we can swim off our dock.  I know Danny and Linda didn't mind us using theirs, but by the time I lug a float, bag (because I need it for my towel, book, iPod, etc.), and a cooler of water (soft side, so it isn't big, but still) I would be worn out.  And then I'd lug it all back after spending hours in the hot sun.  Ugh.  So now, we only have to walk to our dock.  I don't even take a cooler because I can walk back to the trailer for water.  After we did that, we did our grocery shopping for the week.  My Grillmeister will work his magic, and any weight I MAY have lost this summer will be put right back on.

On the way home, I dropped John off to get the boat.  I got home, unloaded and put away groceries, and then we put the ladder on the dock.  I'm proud to say I did a LARGE part of it myself.  :)  Of course, John was telling me what to do.  (It should be apparent that the back spasms went away.  Spending hours freezing those muscles must've done the trick.)  He was under the dock doing what had to be done there.  Then we floated for about a hour.  Ahhhhh...

Day Three -- Tuesday
We slept a little later than usual, but that was fine.  I planted some elephant ears (yeah...I know they should have been planted months ago, but I kept forgetting or we didn't have time or the weather didn't cooperate.) 
Danny and Linda rode out for a while.  They had to meet with the cabinet guy, and then they visited for a couple of hours or so.  Their house is coming along really well!  I told Linda that every time we come down here, I think I get as excited as to see what has been done as I would if it were our house.  Marty and I talked today about what I'd like to see whenever we build.  Unless something changes, he'll be building for us, too.

After Danny and Linda left, I went down to the dock for about an hour, and then it sounded like a storm was brewing.  It finally rained, but that was about it.  John worked on the door to the old boat shed and got it fixed, so now he can open it and close it much easier.  After he finished, we...floated.  :)

Now, he has the grill going.  He took thin cut pork loin, seasoned it up, put a slice of cream cheese and a few (3-4) jalapeno slices on them, rolled them up, and put them on the grill.  YUM!!!!  Believe me, these will make you slap yo' momma!!

The rest of the week
I hope tomorrow is a beautiful, sunny day because I want to spend it in the sun.  With a book.  Thursday, Katy and Sam are coming up.  They're going to stay until Friday.  Phillip won't get to come because of other obligations he has.  :(  Right now, I'm not really sure what the weekend holds, but I'm sure it will be fun.

Think I'm about to go jump in the shower, get comfy, and sit on the porch for a while. 

Just remember, KEEP DREAMING!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A perfect day at the lake

Mom came up to the lake and spent the day today.  This was the first time in a long time that we've been able to spend this much time together, just the two of us.  We didn't do anything "special", but it was a special day.  I gave her the tour of Danny and Linda's house, and then we had lunch on the porch.  At that time, it wasn't too hot to sit out there as long as the fan was going.  After lunch, we just sat and talked and enjoyed the view.  Finally about 3:00 we came inside because it was beginning to heat up.  She crocheted and we continued to talk.  She stayed until almost 6.  I told her she should have brought her stuff and spent the night, but she doesn't like being away from her "babies" that long though (and I understand completely.) 

John is taking next week off and we'll be up for vacation.  Maybe we can get Mom and Dad to come up one day.  Mom and I will get together and plan it.  :)

I'll be heading home tomorrow.  I would stay longer, but bunco is tomorrow night.  Since I haven't gotten to go the last two months, I don't want to miss again.  Jess and Lance have a couples' shower Saturday that we're going to, but we'll come up on Sunday and stay until the next Sunday.  I'll probably go home Sunday, but I may come back the middle that week and stay another week or so.  I won't have many weeks left to come stay since I'll have to start back to work August 3rd.  Yuck!

I think I'm about to go sit on the porch and watch the sun set. 

Always remember, KEEP DREAMING!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hotter'n three acres of hades

Whew!!!  It was  SCORCHER at the lake this weekend!  But because we had great company and great food, the heat was hardly even noticable bearable.  It really wasn't even the heat as much as it was the humidty.  It was almost impossible to sit out on the porch unless you were directly in front of the fan.

John and I got up there 7ish or so.  We went by Arrowhead first and got the boat out so we could cruise on Saturday.  It was nice to get there before dark, even if it wasn't much before dark.  By the time he got the boat tied up and came up to the trailer, I had the truck unloaded and was enjoying a Bud.  :)

We were up early Saturday, and it was already steamy.  About 11, I walked down to Danny and Linda's dock for some sun therapy.  We don't have a ladder on our dock yet, so getting out of the water would be a chore.  Climbing the rip rap isn't something I'd want to do.  It was so humid, I knew I'd be taking a dip. 

Susan and Tim came up about 1:00, and we went over to see where their new place is.  By boat, it's about a 40 minute ride, so that isn't too bad.  I thought it would have taken a little longer.  I told them I think I was as excited for them as I was when we closed on our place.  LOL  Now, the test will be to see if I will feel comfortable enough to take the boat out and head that way by myself.  Before that ever happens, I'll have to do a few trips with John as my co-captain.  Danny and Linda have said we can use their pontoon this summer, so I might feel a little more comfortable taking it instead of taking our runabout.  We'll see!  By land, it should take only about 25 minutes, so if Susan and I want to hang out and the guys aren't around and I'm too chicken to take the boat, one of us could make the drive.

After we got back, Susan and I jumped in the lake and cooled off while the guys headed up to start the grill.  John worked his magic on some rib eyes.  Oh my!  That was exactly what I've been wanting!  John is good at everything he does, but as a cook/grill master...he is hard to beat!

Yesterday we got up about 6, loaded up, and headed home because Jessi's future sister-in-law was giving her a shower, and I wanted to be there.  Otherwise, I might still be at the lake.  It's like I told John, though, you make sacrifices for the ones you love.  LOL 

I was planning on going back on Thursday after I got my hair "did" and staying until Tuesday.  Cindy, a friend from high school, and her husband Sam have invited a bunch of us from high school to their lake house to cook out on Saturday, but Jessi has a fitting for her dress at 10 Saturday, and she asked me to go.  Naturally, I said I would LOVE to.  ("Sacrificing" seeing friends I haven't seen in about 20 years, but I love my Jessi!)  I may leave from the fitting and head up to the lake and stay until Tuesday. John could go on up Friday if he wanted to.  He's been going so hard lately, he may choose to just stay home for the weekend.  We'll see.  But I'm thinking I'm definitely going.  And depending on what time Cindy and Sam were planning on having everybody over, I might manage to pop by for a bit close to the end of the shin-dig.  :)

Now, I need to get up and get busy.  Got to run to Auburn for a quick errand or two. 

Just remember...KEEP DREAMING!
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