Monday, June 20, 2011

Duck duck GOOSE

The ducks will come to the dock/shore anytime anybody is around,
hoping somebody will share a snack with them.

The geese get their fair share of snacks, too.

This is the first week I've been able to come to the lake and stay so far.  Between my trip to the beach, dentist appointments, baby showers, and getting pampered, I've not had time.  I knew I better grab this week because Mr. Thomas Layton Caldwell could be making his appearance at any time.  IF Jess goes the whole time, he'll arrive three weeks from today via c-section, but she is hoping she doesn't have to wait quite that long.  Yeah, three weeks isn't long for most people, but poor Jess...she is so swollen and miserable.  But she looks beautiful, despite what she thinks.  :)

Mom and Dad came up Saturday, and we grilled out for Father's Day.  John put a pork tenderloin on and let it slow cook for a couple of hours. Oh my!  It was delicious!  As a matter of fact, I'm having the leftovers for dinner in just a little bit.  :) 

We had a nice, relaxing visit with Mom and Dad.  Fortunately, it wasn't miserably hot.  Once we just knew we were about to have a downpour, but it went a little west of us.  My poor elephant ears sure could have used a good rain!

I sat out on the dock for about three hours today.  It wasn't TOO bad...a nice breeze would blow every once in a while...but it would've been much nicer to have floated for a while.  We still haven't put the ladder back on the dock, but that's okay.  John hasn't been able to take care of it.  I could have walked over to Danny and Linda's dock, but I was just too lazy.  ;)  I may have to tomorrow. 

Not much new to share for now.  But always remember to

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