Monday, September 7, 2009

The last weekend of summer

OK, so it isn't officially the last weekend of summer, but most lake weekenders consider Labor Day to be the last weekend of summer. Boat traffic will drop significantly.

We went up on Friday and had a most enjoyable weekend. It rained some on Saturday, but that just meant we got to relax. :) Ron and Cindy came by yesterday for a while, and then Amy, Allen, Will, and Maggie came out. Amy got Maggie to say "Roll Tide" once, but that was it. She (Amy) had a funny Will story for us. "Roll Tide" was one of the first things we started teaching Will to say, but he idolizes his older cousin Issac. Issac is an Auburn fan, so Will converted. For a LONG time, he would say "Roll Eagle" though. I would bribe him to say "Roll Tide" (nope, I'm most certainly not above using bribery. LOL) Anyway, Amy said that he has decided he wants to be a Florida fan, too. He is in 1st grade and loves sounding out words and spelling them. He was sounding out Florida, and was making the "fuh" sound for the F. Then he said he was going to pull for FU. Amy quickly corrected him and told him Florida was FL. :)

Today, Mom, Dad, Tim, Tisha, Keith, Billie, Connie, Blain, and Zac came out. They, Danny, Linda, Will, Chris, Trish, Jessica, and Samantha, and John and I fried fish, hush puppies, and fries. De-LISH!

Now we're home and gearing up for a short (long) week. Weeks that are short on the front-end always seem longer to me. :)

Gotta run...'bout time for bed.

Keep dreamin'!
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