Friday, April 15, 2011

Stormy weather

Today has been stormy most all day.  Thankfully our weather here hasn't been as bad as it has been (and still is) in other parts of the state.  It has rained enough, though, that the lake is about two feet over full pool and the run off continues.  We have a little branch at the edge of our property.  Most of the time, it's dry, but tonight it sounds like a waterfall.  I'll be very surprised if the water isn't over the rip rap by in the morning.

Mom and Dad rode up Wednesday and spent the day.  It was a wonderful visit.  John and Dad went fishing, but they didn't catch much.  While they did that, Mom and I just visited.  :)  I can't wait to be here more this summer so our visits can be more frequent.  Three hours isn't all THAT far away, but it's far away enough that going to visit for the day is hard.  I mean, a one day visit would include a 6 hour drive (round trip), and that's a lot of road time.

Yesterday I was quite lazy.  I sat on the dock most of the day.  John was pretty lazy himself, but he sat on the porch at our place or over at Danny and Linda's.  About 3, we took the boat out for a short ride.  It was a perfect day for a ride, but I lost my new Lake Girl baseball cap.  :(  It blew off, and before we could get back to it, it sank.  I was almost within grabbing distance when I saw it fade away.  **sigh**

Just a few more pics to share.

This little guy flew in the door and kept going to the bobber lights.  We think he must have thought they were feeders.  I pushed the screen out and he finally found his way to freedom.

John went out yesterday morning and did a little fishing.  He didn't have much luck...

But he did catch this guy.  According to the Carl Scale, it would have been a five-pound bass.  LOL  John decided to let him go.  :)

As always...KEEP DREAMING!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stick a fork in us...we are DONE!

Our butts are dragging tonight!  We spent the entire day working in the yard.  I think we raked at least 9.5 billion leaves and probably about that many pieces of pine straw.  Fortunately it was a very pleasant day.  A nice breeze blew all day long so we didn't get miserably hot.  What we did get are blisters, aching backs, and for John, an bum shoulder.  We were almost finished for the day...only three more loads to go...when he slipped down an embankment.  SCARED me to DEATH!  He hit the ground and rolled over.  I didn't know what had happened, so I threw my rake and ran, yelling "ARE YOU OKAY??" the whole time.  He wasn't answering, so that scared me even more.  Then I saw him move, so I knew he was still alive.  :)  But the way he moved made me think he'd broken an arm.  He didn't, but he did hurt his shoulder.  I asked if we needed to go have it checked, but being the stubborn man he is, he said no.  I did tell him that if it isn't any better by Monday, he better have it checked out at work.  We did finish the yard, and now the rest of the week, we can play.  Or relax.  Or whatever we want to do!

Before I go, I want to share a few pics.  :)

 The lake after an afternoon storm
Donald Duck...he swam right up to the bank when I was taking his picture.  Think he's been fed by humans?  LOL
 Donald's ladies
My first elephant ear to make an appearance!  So tiny!
The blisters are proof that we raked 9.5 billion leaves...


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Addicted to sunshine

I am addicted to sunshine.

Seriously, I think I am.  I even googled "can you be addicted to sunshine."  I didn't get any hits that indicated that a person can be addicted to sunshine, but I know how much better I feel when it's sunny.

For the last week, we had some of the grayest, dreariest, gloomiest days ever, and my mood matched.  I was so blah all week long.  Finally, yesterday it started to perk up, and so did my mood.  I noticed the difference in how I felt on my way to work.  Even though I was stuck inside all day, I just felt so much better knowing that I could look out my windows and see blue skies.

I had to grade some note cards today (fortunately, Ashley is grading them too, so it only took me half as long as it would have if I didn't have an intern!) but once I finished, I put on a swimsuit and headed to the deck.  It was quite breezy at times, so I would wrap John's flannel shirt around my shoulders until the wind stopped.  Even though there were those breezy moments, just having the sun warm my skin felt so good.  Tonight my face is a little red, and I have a white strap mark across my feet from my flip flops (I didn't think to slip them off), but I don't care.  I'm just so happy to have had the chance to enjoy the beautiful day.

And beautiful it was!  Not a cloud anywhere all day.  I hope we have these kinds of days when I'm out on spring break. 

John grilled steaks for supper.  As usual, they were delicious.  Now I'm sitting here with the pups snuggled up next to me.  Ali is trying to get covered up, except I don't have a blanket, so she's trying to get inside my shirt.  Silly girl  :)  I guess I should go so I can get a blanket for her,

Remember, never stop dreaming!
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