Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Crider Shores!

This past weekend, we had a community project at the lake.  The guys built a new fence, so the old green fence (that could have been pushed over with no effort...literally!), and the old red cattle gate are no more.  Mom said it looks like a REAL gated community now.  And it does!  LOL  I wish I had gotten a picture of the BEFORE, though.  It was uuuugggggllllyyyy!!!!

Bev suggested Crider Shores as the name of the neighborhood because before the lake was backed up, the land there was known as the Crider farm.  She thought it would be neat to have some of the history included, and she thought "shores" would be nice because it's different from all of the other places that use "point" or "landing".  Amy and I agreed, so that's what it's going to be.  :)  I've always wanted to have a "name" for our neighborhood.

We still have a few things to do before the project is completely finished.  The fence and gate need to be stained, of course, and we are going to redo the garbage bin (which will be a HUGE improvement over the one that has been there for who knows how long!), and we're going to plant some crape myrtles behind the fence.  When everything is done, it will look so nice.  And then people will come down the hill and see our trailer and wonder who the redneks (misspelling intentional) are.  LOL  Someday...someday...someday...

Pictures of the work the guys did:
Fence posts set! 
 Jay, Tristan, and Dave worked hard!  The poles will be trimmed and capped later.
This one makes me laugh.  How many men does it take to cut a piece of lumber?
 Putting up the brace.
 Hmmm...the brace didn't look right, so after a discussion, we decided it needed to be nailed to the back side.  Back up the ladder, Jay.
The finished product!  The original plan called for the fence to be just like the gate, but after some discussion, the guys made a decision to go with four boards straight across.  To do it RIGHT, it was going to take a LOT longer because of the angles that would have to be cut, and they probably wouldn't have finished on Saturday.  Since rain was coming, we didn't know if we'd have Sunday to work or not.  I like it just the way it is.

Once the wood has had time to dry, we're going to stain it a dark reddish-brown.  We're planning on putting the solar caps on the top of the posts by the gate so we'll have some light at night.

John and I have to finish up our walkway project this coming weekend.  He has two sections to grind (and I to paint) on one side, so it shouldn't take all day like the others have when he's had sections on both sides to do.  Once that's done, I think our projects for the summer are done.  Well, except for getting a port for the SeaDoo installed.  :)

As always, KEEP DREAMING!!

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