Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring time at the lake

Spring time at the lake is one of my favorite times of the year.  First, because it isn't so hot you can't stand it unless you're in the water or under the air conditioner.  Second, because you never know what you'll see in nature.

Over the last couple of weeks, the oak leaf hydrangeas have bloomed out, and Saturday morning, I saw a flower I'd never seen before.  Thanks to Google, I learned that it's called Indian Pink.  I'm thinking I might dig it up and transplant it.  I want to give rooting a hydrangea a shot, but from what I've read, I need to try that later in the summer.

While I was painting the walkway rail yesterday, John called down and said that a hummingbird had found my feeder. YEA!!  I was enjoying coffee on the porch this morning, and saw not one, but two, hummers!  I'm going to get more feeders this week.

SO FAR, my plants haven't keeled over, so maybe they'll make.  The fern I dug up has hung on for three weeks now, and the elephant ears I transplanted from Patty have hung on for a couple of weeks.  The hosta and coleus I planted last week still looked good, too. 

I love this picture of John.  I took it when we were at the lake for spring break. 

His two pound crappie.  This baby is still waiting to be greased.  :)

Walkway rail before...

Walkway rail after...We're only about half way finished with the rails, and then we have to do the actual walkway.  When the water goes down this fall, we'll finish up the area under the walkway.  This has been a chore!!!

Foggy morning on the lake.  We couldn't even see the other side, and it isn't THAT far!  I love the lake when it's like this.  It is so quiet.

Now that the hummingbirds have found the feeder, they're drinking the nectar down pretty quickly.  I probably should have refilled it before we left today.

Indian Pink.  They are GORGEOUS!

This fella was on the porch screen when we got there Friday night, but I couldn't get a good picture of him.  He was hanging out on the underpinning of the trailer Saturday morning.  I wish he'd have found a prettier place to light.

My coleus and hosta.  The fern and the elephant ears I transplanted are on the back side.  I moved my rooster to this area today.  If I do dig up the Indian Pink, I'm going to put it in this bed, too.

I took this picture last weekend, so it hadn't fully bloomed.  I love hydrangeas!  They are one of my favorite flowers.

Two more weeks of school (and then three days the following week for teachers...ugh).  We're doing our Big Ass Road Trip 2012 to Memphis with Susan and Tim right after I finish up with school, and then I plan on spending as much of the rest of the summer at the lake.  I know I'll have to come home every week since I'll be starting allergy shots this week.  What I hope to be able to do is to keep Layton one day a week, too, so that will work out just fine.  :)

For now, I'm going to call it a night and let Mr. Sandman come for a visit.  I think Ali and Bama have already made it to dreamland. 


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